The powerhouse behind your success is our marketing dream team!


With a blend of creativity and expertise, our team is dedicated to propelling your business to new heights. From crafting effective strategies to executing impactful campaigns, our marketing mavens are here to enhance your brand's visibility, attract customers, and drive growth. Trust our team to deliver results that exceed your expectations and watch your business soar with Nadora's marketing superheroes by your side.



Website Design

Step into the world of captivating online presence with our custom website designs. We turn your ideas into a visually stunning and user-friendly digital space, making sure your business shines in the vast online world.



Say goodbye to those manual headaches! Our automation solutions bring simplicity to your tasks, letting you focus on what you love. Watch as your to-dos effortlessly unfold, giving you more time to nurture and grow your business.


Podcast Support

Launching your podcast is a breeze with our podcast support services. From setting up your podcast to crafting polished audio and video content, we ensure a seamless start. Let us handle finding guests and creating social media graphics and clips, boosting your podcast's visibility.


Content Marketing

From engaging blog posts to eye-catching social media content, we infuse your unique voice into every piece. Elevate your brand's influence with thought-provoking E-books, stay connected through vibrant newsletters, and let's embark on a storytelling journey that captivates your audience!


Email Marketing

From crafting irresistible campaign strategies to designing eye-catching emails, we've got your brand's messaging covered. Experience the magic of targeted list segmentation, seamless automation, and insightful analytics as we take your email game to the next level!


Podcast Guesting

Imagine sharing your expertise on popular podcasts – we make that happen! Our friendly team excels at connecting clients with podcast opportunities, ensuring your insights reach wider audiences. Let's turn your expertise into a captivating conversation on the airwaves!

Who We Are

Two moms doing what moms do best:

Nurturing their team and helping people bring their dreams to reality.

Our Story

Have you ever worked with someone so well that everything you created together was like magic? That's what happened when Natalie and Dora started working with one another. You have never seen two business partners so in tune.

Dora is know for her creativity. Love our website design? Yep, she created it! Obsessed with our graphics? She probably did those as well. She is a mom of two, and recently married her husband who is a development lead for a restaurant software company (Peek the photo on the right with her and Natalie who was her wedding coordinator!)

Speaking of coordinating things, Natalie is a master at strategy and creating systems. You can thank her for the copy on this website (yep I'm writing this now) or the emails in our lead generation funnels if you find yourself receiving those (we hope you do! Lots of cool freebies in there!) She is a mom of two as well and is married to her husband who is an assistant warden for the State of Florida.

Although Dora is in Ohio and Natalie is in Florida, this dynamic duo work together like they have never spent a mile apart from one another.


Video Editing (long and short form videos)

Audio Editing

Social Media Management

Funnel Building

Automations, Forms, Surveys

Email/Text Campaigns

Podcast Guesting

Creating Marketing Materials


Bring a marketing virtual assistant on board to make your digital journey a breeze! From social media savvy to content creation wizards, they handle the nitty-gritty, letting you focus on what you do best


Expert Guidance

By choosing Marketing Mavens, you gain the advantage of having a seasoned project manager dedicated to your account. This expert becomes your go-to guide, streamlining processes, creating foolproof procedures, and handling all communications with the virtual assistant team. This ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, allowing you to focus on your core business without the hassle of managing intricate marketing details.


Ready Made Team

Marketing Mavens boasts a team of the best professionals in the industry, each specializing in their respective fields. From graphic design artists to copywriters and marketing strategists, our virtual assistant team is curated to meet the unique demands of your project. This guarantees that every aspect of your marketing needs is handled by experts, resulting in top-notch and effective campaigns.


Consistent Branding

The Marketing Mavens are adept at creating and maintaining a consistent brand image across different platforms. Whether it's your website, social media, or email campaigns, a cohesive and well-managed branding strategy is crucial. By having a dedicated team, you ensure that your brand messaging remains consistent, reinforcing brand recognition and trust among your audience.


hours saved by our clients so far!


Over $1,125,000+ saved in billable time

1,875+ days growing their business

157+ holidays they didn't have to miss

PRICELESS time with their kids


Natalie Guzman


Dora Cook


Kelsey VanPraag

Account Manager/

Multimedia Designer

Anna Andrushko

Marketing Assistant

Ali Valdes

Account Manager

Jeni Lucero

Account Manager/

Admin Assistant

Serajus Salehin

Graphic Designer

Huzaifa Siddiqi

Web Designer


Dive into our vibrant showcase, featuring captivating social media content that weaves brand stories with flair. Explore the artistry behind our brand boards, logos, and website designs, where each element is crafted to bring your vision to life. Our portfolio is a journey through visually striking marketing materials, showcasing the heart and soul we infuse into every project.



Sarah Young

Calming the Chaos Collective

I love working with Nadora. The all in one aspect has saved me so much time, money and energy. As someone who is not super tech savvy, I need easy to use and not only is Nadora easy to learn and understand but having to not manage multiple platforms is a huge win for me. I cannot recommend it enough!

Michael Cole

Next Level Technician

We utilize Nadora for a lot of marketing and they are great. My company is pretty niche and they do their due diligence to ensure all our marketing materials are in line with our industries lingo. They also built a side project for us using Shopify and knocked it out of the park! Highly recommend.

Nadora is the ultimate all-in-one marketing platform that empowers businesses to thrive! From creating stunning websites and high-converting funnels to automating marketing workflows and connecting with a vibrant network of like-minded professionals, Nadora has it all. With intuitive tools, expert support, and a focus on collaboration, Nadora is your partner for success in the ever-changing world of marketing.

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